Did you catch DJ Bravo’s song on the coronavirus

Recollect DJ Bravo? He’s back with another tune dependent on Covid-19.
The West Indies cricketer who recently became a web sensation for tune ‘Champion’ (sorry if that stalled out in your mind a little while ago) shared that his fans had been requesting that he do a Corona tune… so he conveyed.
Track ‘We are not surrendering’ has been portrayed by the entertainer as “A Positive Song during this Outbreak!”
You can promptly tell the video’s been taken shots at home and considering the significance of social removing at this urgent time, we value it. The melody itself, with it’s appealing beat, opportune alludes to the critical circumstance and extras an idea for all nations that have been seriously influenced by the spread Covid-19.
What’s more, obviously, it makes a point to make reference to security precautionary measures like washing your hands. Genuinely folks, wash your hands.
Said Bravo in his mystery post, “As we as a whole realize this is a miserable minute for every one of us and circumstances such as this we need to stay together and take on this conflict.”
“On this Outbreak because of Pandemic, My Heartful Prayers to every one of you out there! Lets battle together.”

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