Trump Plays a Video Defending His Coronavirus Response At Press Briefing

As President Donald Trump faces analysis for not acting rapidly enough to battle the coronavirus, the president on Monday veered off from the ordinary White House Coronavirus Task Force preparation to play a crusade style video montage safeguarding his coronavirus reaction and a while later lashed out at journalists for scrutinizing his activities.
Scattered with cuts from news sources and designs, the content of the video, which was played on screens behind the platform, read: “The media limited the hazard from the beginning, while President Trump made unequivocal move, even as partisans killed and condemned. Bipartisan governors perceive the president’s help.”The video utilized a Fox News section from a March 26 scene of “Hannity” that indicated visitors on CBS and NBC saying the coronavirus was not a quick danger to the U.S. in January.
After the segment on the media, the video slices to a course of events, featuring Trump’s January 31 travel prohibition on Chinese foriegn nationals and his March revelation of a national crisis. The course of events skirts February totally and when asked by a correspondent what moves he made in that month, Trump said “a ton” and considered the journalist a “counterfeit.”The video likewise incorporated an all-encompassing clasp of New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman saying Trump’s movement boycott was compelling and clasps of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Gavin Newsom and different governors saying thanks to the central government for extra clinic beds and supplies.

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