Analysis of Chinese Management Strategy

Positive side

China used very strict and bold strategy of lockdown as the virus started spreading rapidly. This meant to ban big gatherings, shut down businesses, close schools/universities and restrict travelling. However, those hard days have been proved fruitful. At the end of March, China reported no local new cases. It has also decided to announce stopping of lock down after viewing condition till 8th April.
On 10th March, leader of Wuhan “Xi Jinping” visited the city which showed appreciable efforts of Chinese to fight back with this pandemic. The Chinese political system have been given huge credit by Pakistani newspapers.
The news today says that China travel bans and strict step to completely lockdown Wuhan has delayed the rapid growth of COVID19 in China.
Some Negative insights
The other 40%
About 40% of Chinese population depends on the agriculture. The epidemic caused the troubled for them.  Farmers were ready for spring plantation in a field in village of Zhaoquanying on outskirts of Beijing. They cannot postpone things like other businesses as the agriculture depends on season. Failure to plant wheat would result in the shortage of food supplies which could be another big problem during lockdown. However, the officials provided help in the form of setting up green channels (allowing transports aim to move agriculture goods), relieving land fees and announcing loans on low rates.
The news today e-paper says that already restriction to travel within state had badly affected the meat business. The labor intensive slaughter houses became under staffed.
Measures to Overcome
Following are the measures taken by China to overcome rapid spread of COVID19:

  1. Closing schools, colleges and universities :

China has the biggest education system in the world. About 260 million students are enrolled and 15 million teachers are working in 514,000 schools, excluding graduation institutes.

  1. Banning eating out:

Restaurants were only allowed to offer takeaways or online delivery by following proper safety measure. Food delivery boys were not even allowed to deliver at doorsteps. Outside apartments metal shelving units (as shown in the picture) were created .Delivery boys used to place orders there and then people picked their orders to avoid interactions.

  1. Forcing people to stay at home:

As a precautionary measure, people were forced to self-quarantine themselves. So that if anyone is a victim of COVID19, the symptoms become visible without becoming a carrier.

  1. Temporary hospitals were built:

In order to treat large number of people, China started facing shortage of health care units. Therefore, it started building temporary hospitals. It also deployed extra medical staff to Wuhan and surrounding areas.

  1. Checkpoints:

Checkpoints were created to measure body temperature of people as safety measure.

  1. Banning travelling:

Airports were deserted, train seats were unoccupied, and roads were empty. Any traveler was instructed to quarantine for 14 days to minimize the spread. It suspended entry of foreigners or Chinese resident holders to save itself from second wave of pandemic from imported cases.

  1. Local businesses were shut down:

Local shops and businesses were also shut down during the lockdown to keep social distancing.

  1. Wearing face mask, washing hands:

People were instructed to wear face mask if they have flu /cough so that they don’t infect others. They were also advised to wash hands with good soap or use sanitizer.

  1. Banning consumption and trade of wild life:

Researchers believed that virus spread from consumption or interaction of poison animal (bat or pig) with human .For safety purposes, China banned consumption and trade of these animals.
Should same be adopted by other countries?
YES because…

  • None of the country in all over the world has enough healthcare facilities to deal with pandemic.
  • Virus spreads exponentially. No approved vaccine is available till now. The only cure is taking safety measures i.e., lock downing country and forcing people to keep social distance.
  • America (the superpower) is also failing to provide its citizens good health care facilities.
  • China is the example.
  • Italy faced total 132,547 out of which 16,523 died. Researchers said this happened because they delayed the decision of lockdown and took COVID19 as a seasonal flu.

NO because….

  • Not every country has enough sources to cope up with demerits caused by lockdown like loss of jobs, increase in poverty etc.
  • If the third world countries would do for lockdown, their citizens might not die from virus but would definitely die from hunger.
  • Lockdown is not a permanent solution as nobody knows how long it will take to end. Countries cannot lockdown for forever. What if, second wave from imported cases come?

The countries having enough resources  like having capability to provide poor people food at their door steps , delay electricity/water bills, eliminate taxes, provide subsidy to local businesses , provide masks, sanitizers, hand wash at low rates, maintain supply chain of food etc. should adopt Chinese Management Practices.



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