The top left corner of The Nation updates its readers about the number of days passed since Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) was lockdown by Indian Authorities. The curfew campaigns have been launched in cities like London and New York to oppose decision of Modi government. Media and communication has been blocked in the valley since last year. Mobile and internet connections are still unsound. It can be called longest internet blockage in the world ever being imposed by any democratic country.
The Pakistan news headlines describe the effort of Pakistan to engage International community by making Kashmir Lockdown a humanitarian issue. The international media has been supporting this view and highlighting this frequently. However, the global community which always talks about human rights have not taken any bold step.
The majority of the world has been also locked down because of COVID19. When the people felt quarantine imprisonment, few of them realized the pain of Kashmiris. As a result, a tweet went viral on Internet which was

“Dear world, how is the lockdown going?”

The Kashmir lockdown cannot be compared to world lockdown with all luxurious access to food, online platforms and media. Kashmir lockdown is more brutal and inhumane.
Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) is very close to China’s borderline. The spread of the COVID19 pandemic would be worse for Kashmiris than other South Asian countries. The reasons are no access to health facilities and sanitation problems. During the video conference of SAARC countries, Dr Zafar Mirza bravely called upon Indian to end the lockdown. He advised to open communication means and insure proper distribution of medical instruments and supplies. The Indian media criticized him badly as usual.
It has become every common to impose curfew in IOK for long durations to suppress its people. The government thinks that they can dilute the courage of Kashmiris in the flame of oppression. In mid-2016, IOK had curfew for 53 days after the martyrdom of young Kashmiri boy named “Burhan Wani”. In May 2017, the valley went under curfew of Hizbul Mujadideen commander Sabzar Bhat. About 168 times curfew has been imposed in nine districts of Jammu and Kashmir as per the Times of India from 2016 to 2017.

With the passage of time, Kashmiri movements have been transformed substantially. The young Kashmiri’s have become the engine of this change. Burhan Wani and Sabzar Bhat are considered as the iconic leaders. The youth of Kashmir idealizes them and perceive them as their role models. Social media and street protest are their weapons. Therefore, government block the all the communication means to deprive those using powerful tools and bringing reform. The Indian strategy is to block all means and modes like television connection, mobile phones and internet.
The government has been struggling to reduce protests and anti-Indian campaigns which have emerged after 2016 and are increasing rapidly. Indian government has tried all possible ways. They have used force along with pellet guns against protestors. As already mentioned, they use curfews and media blackout. It is very hard for the government to stop the civilians from taking any action. The only option they are left with it is strict lockdown.
India applied Article 370 from the constitution “inoperative”, in the last August, which overturned the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act-2019 was passed in October. According to that, the Indian held Kashmir has been divided into two parts i.e., Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in order to be governed by Central Government of India. India has deprived and bifurcated the Jammu and Kashmir. India this moves makes us to conclude that it has devalued his constitution. It has proved itself an inferior state territory. If the India ever succeeds in tranquilizing Kashmiris, it would declare the areas as one of its full-fledged states. Kashmiris are helpless against this act of brutality. Their right to determine political system being part of democratic country has been violated.
India has planned to consider lockdown as a long term strategy. Kashmiris are finding hard to survive. The absence of adequate education and proper health facilities have made their life miserable. The Kashmiris are considered to be put in the prison forcefully where no one is ready to rescue them.
The lockdown approach has been proved unsuccessful against the spirit of Kashmiris. Every hurdle the government put raises the enthusiasm and hunger of freedom in the young hearts of Kashmiris. They no longer want to be affiliate with corrupt India. They can be said in the pro-independence era. Their bravery and courage level is toughing skies. The news today can be that they can go to any extent to attain their basic political and civil rights.

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