Ozone layer is the protective layer of Earth. It makes life on earth possible. Without ozone layer, everything will be destroyed. It protects Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation of Sun. The Chlorofluorocarbons which are in hairsprays, refrigerators and aerosol sprays and Bromofluorocarbons releases the concentration of Chlorine and Bromine above stratosphere. The manmade disaster depletes the ozone layer. In 1985, large whole in the ozone layer was first discovered.
The University of Colorado Boulders published in the journal of Nature that climate in southern hemisphere is healing. Since, 1980’s smallest hole in ozone layer is discovered. It is believed that in 2030 Northern hemisphere in mid-latitudes, in 2050 Southern hemisphere in mid-latitudes and Antarctic area in 2060 will be healed. These positive changes can result as rainfall in the brought hit areas.
A common man with little knowledge about science will think that ozone is healing because of lockdown. The lockdown during COVID 19 pandemic has minimized the emission of harmful chemicals like Chlorofluorocarbons and Bromofluorocarbons because factories and industries have been closed. People have also minimized the use of vehicles. They are quarantined and staying in home. People have moved towards healthy way of living. But, the truth is lockdown is not the hero behind healing of ozone layer. Lockdown is playing minor role in healing the world.

Now the question is “Who is the real hero? Who is healing the world? Who is restoring ozone layer?” The answer is “Treaty of Montreal”. In 1987 (about 33 years back), 197 countries signed Treaty of Montreal. This treaty aimed to minimize emission of harmful chemicals and protect ozone layer. Every country who have signed this treaty is working to follow set rules.
The following pictures proves that treaty of Montreal is the real hero:

The horizontal axis shows the year and the vertical axis shows the emission of chemicals in tons. The graph clearly shows the reduction in the emission of harmful chemicals like Methyl Chloroform, Methyl Bromide, Hydro chlorofluorocarbons, Carbon Tetrachloride, Halons, and Chlorofluorocarbons with the passage of time from 1989-2014. There was no lockdown during that period. In fact, the number of industries and factories in the world have increased. Number of vehicles are raised.  But, countries have been conscious while engaging in such activities. They are making companies to follow certain preventative measures. They have bounded the companies because of commitment in the form of treaty.

The above picture is also a proof that shows how ozone has healed from 1971 to 2000 by using different colors. The red region has shrunk and green region has expanded. Both facts are good news for future generations. A big THANKS to Treaty of Montreal and the countries who followed it by their heart and soul. However, some countries did not obeyed the rules in the lust of money. They allowed their multinational companies to expand businesses and make profits at the expense of unhealthy air for future generations. According to Environment Integration Agency (ETA) Global, China emitted Trichorfluoromethane (CFC-11) in 2018 illegally.

The above picture further clarifies the efforts of policymakers of Treaty of Montreal.
This concludes that Treaty of Montreal deserves the real appreciation. Countries who obeyed those principles also needs to be praised. Countries who disobeyed those principles should be criticized. The general public should not be given all credit. The bitter truth is COVID-19 is not a blessing. Cooperation and honesty among 197 countries is the real hero.

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