Yamaha MT 125 is regarded as the best-selling bike in the 125 cubic centimeter (cc) capacity bikes. The 125 cc segment in Pakistani market is very popular. Therefore, there is high competition in that segment. It is a mechanical stunner. It is now a heavy bike but gives sporty feels.
The Yamaha MT125 was built by down scaling Formula R1. In this designing process of Yamaha MT 125, the engine is kept low but the designing is kept equality to high standard heavy bikes. The manufactures kept in mind that Yamaha should be designed in such way that it looks like its siblings from MT family. The manufactures did true justice with it. Firstly, it was also launched in Europe under the name of YBF 125 and R 125. It has huge success in United Kingdom. The designs were considered aggressive and won the hearts of bike lovers.
Yamaha MT 125 has a single chamber, four stroke overhead camshaft with one twenty five cubic centimeter (125cc) capacity with a liter of consuming thirteen liters (13L) of petrol.

Its price is 147,500 Pakistani rupees, according to Urdu point. In international market, its price is 4500 pounds which is 912,512 Pakistani rupees. However, one website “polaz.com.pk” was selling it for 120,000 Pakistani rupees in 2016. It is unavailable in many countries.


  1. It has better mileage.
  2. It provides safety on rough roads and streets.
  3. It has five speed transmission.
  4. It requires low maintenance.
  5. It has self-begin catch alongside kick.
  6. It has amalgam edge with the wheel base of 1385 millimeter (mm).
  7. It has free stream exhaust.
  8. It has new air scoops and refreshed carb. It has updated air channel which gives better air progression.  It is expanded all across sides which gives it a fresh look.
  9. It has free stream exhaust.
  10. It has a tempting speedometer with a good fuel check pointer.
  11. The front wheel of the bike has solitary plate brake.
  12. The back tire has drum break.
  13. It has fog light of about 12V halogen bulb.
  14. It has dry load of 114 kilogram.
  15. It comes in three shades i.e., blue, black and red.
  16. It has 15 horse powers which makes the acceleration rate very high and gear changing quick.

Some negatives:
In order to kick, the legs have to be extended a big longer than normally. This requires effort. It can be a problem if the user is short-heighted.






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