The corona virus has evoked the lost feelings of kindness and generosity in the hearts of people. The pandemic has melted the hard hearts. It has made world to give up profits and work for the welfare of the society. The Fashion Brands which are perceived as profit making businesses which make customers feel inferior through advertisements and trigger their need to look good by wearing their clothes or using their products.

The initiative of Fashion brands to reallocate their profits and make products to stop spread of corona virus. LVMH and L’Oreal, the two big names in the fashion industry, are producing hand sanitizers during the shortage of medical supplies all across the globe.

Some companies are trying to help by closing stores and following safety measures given by government.

Following is the list of brands who have taken few steps that must be appreciated:


On 8th April, Moj Mahdara, the CEO of Beautycon, launched BeautyUnited. This brings together 40 proven beauty brands and collects funds from them. For the courageous health care staff to fight against COVID 19, the funds were used to purchase personal protective equipment PPE).

The company hoped to raise about ten million dollars in the form of small donations. Huda beauty, the Honey pot, Beauty blender, Milk makeup, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, First Aid Beauty and Barbara Sturm are the brands that contributed in the fund.

Dove and Vaseline

Dove recently announced that it will donate two million dollars by teaming up with Vaseline and will denote the money to Direct Fund. The money will go to buy healthcare equipment, ventilators and medicines.


Uniqlo is delivering ten million surgical masks to the frontline workers worldwide.


Prada announced to 110,000 marks and 80,000 medical overalls, according to the British Vogue.


The French company has announced to make donation of 20 million euros to the public hospitals in the Paris.


Donatella and Allegra Versace have announced to make donation of two hundred euros to intensive care unit in Milan.


Bulgari produces and distributes about 6,000 bottles of sanitizer per day in hospitals of Italy.


Summersalt made an announcement of devoting between dollar 15 to 25 on every dollar one twenty five plus order to Hungary’s efforts to fight against COVID19.


Dyson promised to produce ventilators to overcome shortage of medical supply during the pandemic.


This brand is working with another brand named, Crocs, to support and appreciate the efforts of front line workers like doctors, nurse and other health care staff. It is also being a means to provide food to elderly people through food banks.


Dior is using one of its workshops in France to produce surgical face masks. The face masks are aimed to be distributed among nonmedical people who are contributing equally but are receiving low attention.

Pretty Little Thing

The CEO of the pretty little things has decided to give his one month salary to fight against pandemic.


The parent company of Beirsdorf has decided to devote skin care products to health care workers during the pandemic.

MAC Cosmetics

Through the Viva Glam Fund project, the Mac has decided to devote about ten million dollars. It will be divided among 250 worldwide organizations.


Reformation is making protective face masks by partnering with the city of L.A>

is partnering with the City of L.A. to make protective face masks for essential workers.


The company has decided to donate hundred thousand dollars to food banks during the pandemic.


In order to appreciate the efforts of doctors, the brand is denoting about fifty thousand skin care products.


Theragun is contributing by devoting health care machines.

Michael Kors

The brand is devoting cash to nonprofit organizations and some local reliefs.

Tanya Taylor

The brand has partnered with local companies to produce non-medical masks for the protection of people in the best interest of the world.


The brand has devoted almost two million face mask in Spanish hospitals to protect the health of front line workers.


Chanel has aimed to produce face masks to meet shortage of supplies all across the world.


Burberry is doing various efforts to slow down the effect of pandemic. It is supplying surgical masks. It has turned its coat factory into the workshop to make protective gowns for health care. It is also funding in the vaccine formation.


The brand has announced the denotation of 2 million euros on 26Th march. It says that “Gucci will stand with its global community to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by making two separate donations to crowdfunding campaigns: locally, in Italy where the company is based, for the Italian Civil Protection Department (Protezione Civile) in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo; and globally, for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization, through a matching campaign with Facebook.”


LVMH is using its product lines of perfumes and cosmetic to make gels


Nike is supporting communities where its employees work.

There are many other fashion companies who are working for the welfare of the world. They all need big APPLAUSE.



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