Ertugrul Ghazi is a Turkish drama series which is being aired in Pakistan. Ertugrul Ghazi book in Urdu is also available. The series has been translated in Urdu so that maximum people can understand and enjoy it.

So far, only one season has been sired on Pakistani television screens. Many Pakistani have already watched it on Netflix by the help of English subtitles. This is also recommended and highly suggested by Pakistani Prime Minister “Imran Khan”. It has highest ratings. The series shows the life of real heroes who were the pillars of Ottoman Empire. It has received popularity from other South Asian and Middle Eastern countries because of Ertugrul cast.

It is not the first time that a Turkish drama has become so popular in Pakistan. In the past, Turkish dramas have won hearts of Pakistanis. Some of the actors and actresses, however, don’t like to share Pakistan television screen with Turkish dramas. They feel envy or insecurity. Showbiz industry has opposed the broadcast of Turkish dramas a lot. But, during the lockdown, people have nothing to do and have time to watch these series.

Five reasons to watch Ertugrual Ghazi

  1. Unique Genre

If we compare Ertugrual Ghazi will other local Pakistani dramas, we can easily discover that the story line of this Turkish drama is unique in its own way. Ertugrual is a historic drama. It develops deep emotions and influence human psychology. The directors and actors have done a wonderful job as it is not easy to portray such things about past in such an appealing way. The writer has done true justice to the ancient history.

  1. Appealing Graphics

The graphics are amazing. The story has various indoors and outdoors scenes and all are perfectly pictured in terms of visuals. The beautiful places are captured in a way that their beauty is more enhanced and dark places are also captured flawlessly. The camerawork throughout the series is awesome. It is the camerawork and graphics that the series have attracted every eye who has watched it.

  1. Well-Choreographed Actions

Ertugrul Ghazi is filled with so many action scenes. It is no harm to title Ertugrul Ghazi as a perfect combo of action and thriller. The scenes have been crafted and choreographed in such an amazing way that the view feel they are part of that scene. It is a big budget project which the scenes justifies. This is favorite series of all especially of males.

  1. Charismatic Characters

Every character of Ertugrual Ghazi inspires the audience in its own way. Every character has to pass through different stages and situations which creates the suspense in the drama. They keep the audience hooked up in their story. The audience feel connected with the characters. The brotherhood shown in the series is brilliant. The way it portrays relationship with parents through different characters and roles is inspiring. Characters like Ibn Arabi and Demir are likely to be crush of any viewer.

The series also have some strong female characters who stand with their man through thick and thin. The female characters set examples for female viewers. Any female viewer is most likely to consider them their ideal.


  1. Meaningful Messages

Ertugrul Ghazi is based on a message that no matter how hard circumstances are, in the end, the good wins and the bad loses. The one who fights for good when no one is ready to fight for it wins.

The series give reference to Qur’anic verses. It teaches Islamic principles in the most beautiful way. It is complete package of leaning and entertainment. The message in the series helps the viewer to become a good person and have enough courage to fight against any evil, no matter how big it is.


Why Imran khan is recommending it?

The reason lies in the meeting of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan with President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The real purpose is that English channels or media is portraying anti-Islamic things and creating Islamophobia among viewers unaware of the truth. This has developed the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. Islam is being misunderstood by many people even Muslims because of the misinterpretation through media.

The broadcast of Ertugrul Ghazi is a way to eliminate few sparks of anti-Islamic views. It is a baby step by Muslim countries to portray the right image of Islam and Muslims globally. The series is based on the story of Muslim Oghuz Turks who fought with Mongols, Christian Byzantines and knights of Anatolia (which is now modern turkey).






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