Privacy policy
The news4 collects data or information about its users because of following reasons:

  1. To provide customized services to individual as per their needs.
  2. To improve services make it more efficient.
  3. To charge from companies who are interested to advertise their products and services on our site so that you can change free news.
  4. To suggest you services with your consent and approval.

Some basic policies are mentioned above. Other policies may be applied to special services. Kindly read them before subscribing.
Core values and principles

  1. Protecting privacy of our customers is our first priority. We can go at any extend for that.
  2. We value your personal privacy. You will receive emails only if you wish too.
  3. You will know about your choices in the form of tick boxes like whether you want to receive marketing emails or not.
  4. We will email you in case of any further information required about you like your name, queries etc.
  5. The collected information will be used only for business purpose.
  6. We will inform you about where and how your information is used. We will be transparent about it.
  7. Your personal data will be used for the purpose it was asked for.
  8. The site is accessible via internet. This means the data can be accessed anywhere at any time.

How your information is being used???
How information or data is collected?
When you register yourself on the website, use cookies, tick mark the boxes or wishes to enter in any kind of sales promotions, your information is collected.
What information is collected?
Your name, geographical location etc. The geographical location is tracked from the internet.
For registration, we will require your email and password. Some further questions can be asked like do you want to receive email or do you want to know about sales promotions etc. This helps us to customize our services. s
Logging in from other social media accounts
If you wishes to login in with the help of your Facebook id, then the system will automatically collect data like date of birth, email id, password, gender, location etc. which you have put on Facebook. This will save your time and effort. If you remove visit4news from Facebook applications, then we will lose all data about you.
If you use twitter account to register, then your avatar and username will be used.
With whom data is shared?
Your data with others like marketing agencies will be shared only if you have allowed us. No data will be shared without your consent. Even with your permission, we will clearly evaluate third party and then decide to share or not share data with them.
Note: we have right to fetch personal information in accordance with government laws to function properly.
The third party using your data will have to follow certain restrictions set by use. So, you don’t need to worry. We will keep eye on them that how are they using data. We will also audit them regularly.
Use of Cookies:
Following points will explain you the uses of cookies:

  1. To track the number of users and visitors on our websites.
  2. To track which page is visited frequently and which is not.
  3. To track which type of users visit certain type of content.
  4. To use third party services in collecting your data.
  5. To track advertisement impressions or return on advertisement.
  6. To control number of items you view on your screen and measure the effectives of our advertisements. This will help us to make better future marketing strategies.
  7. Flash cookies are used to save your preferences which improves the functionality of media player. Without them, some video content cannot be operated properly.

Note:  You can turn them off whenever you want.
We use targeting advertising strategy which allows to better serve your needs.
When you will search something on the websites, some cookies will appear on your screen which will show you then things of your interest.
The only purpose of collecting this kind of information is to better understand you. Once we succeed in understanding you, we can serve you in the best way.
Our behavioral data is safe with us. It is not shared to any other party.
Other Advertising
The visit4news may contain certain links. Their aim is not to promote any product or something except when they are under title “sponsored feature”, “sponsored content” or “advertisement feature”. They are just a source of revenue for our website with zero influence on our content.
Legal information
You can contact us in case of any further query about our privacy policies.
Amendments in privacy policy
Any change or amendment in the privacy policy to better serve you and provide a safe website will be informed you from here. You will be keep updated about changes.
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